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Edge intelligence for Industrial and Commercial IoT.


Bringing IoT to enterprise.

Foghorn Systems provides edge intelligence for the Internet of T hings industry. Edge intelligence is a software-based solution based on fog computing which extends data processing and analytics closer to the edge where the IoT devices reside.

A new era in industrial and commercial control systems.

Foghorn works in manufacturing, oil and gas, power and water, transportation, mining, and renewable energy industries, and deals with commercial and industrial applications with stringent protocols and development timelines.

Punch helps design and code software for Foghorn that helps with high performance and real-time processing, analytics, and heterogeneous applications that monitor and control physical sensors.

Edge technology is in its early stages and will continue to grow and become the standard for industrial and commercial use for performance and control reasons.

For this reason and others we're excited about our partnership with Foghorn, the leading provider of edge intelligence systems globally.