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Outsourced appointment setting and sales team.

All Punch clients are assigned a full team of researchers, demand reps, senior sales reps and strategy to create a long term, consistent revenue model.

A scientific approach Observe, test, validate, repeat

Successful growth demands a scientific approach. Punch pioneered a 6-step process that lets us observe, measure, experiment, analyze, modify, and repeat growth strategies for your business.

  1. Question Who are we targeting?

    Ideal customer? Distribution Channels? Product Packaging & Messaging? Competitive Analysis?

  2. Hypothesis Formulate a test

    What we believe will work based on research and experience.

  3. Prediction Project results

    ROI and predicted customer response rates and market reaction. Distinguish the hypothesis.

  4. Testing See how it works

    This is an investigation of whether the real world (customers) behave as predicted by the hypothesis.

  5. Analysis Let the numbers talk

    This involves determining what the results of the experiment show and deciding on the next actions to take.

  6. Replication & expansion Grow the business

    Once messaging is validated, focus on national expansion and scale while continuously testing.

The Punch Growth Method Applying the methodology

Complete, end-to-end model for revenue growth based on the scientific method & agile-scrum management principles in 4-steps:

Research Setting the standards

  • Collect data through scraping
  • Live connect and verification
  • Key Defined customer need
  • Key In the market for solution

Demand Creating leads

  • 3 to 5 new testing methods every week
  • Daily analysis and iterations
  • Email, social, and voice connect
  • Key Personalized, individual outreach

Relationship Building trust

  • From response to proposal
  • Senior sales reps with 10+ years experience
  • Defined response tree for all tier 2
  • Key 50% minimum success from response to proposal

Closing Generating revenue

  • Analysis of competitive, pricing, demo & proposals
  • Constant iterations of demo and proposals
  • Key 33% close minimum from demo or proposal

Past performance Our results

At scale, the Punch Demand Methodology creates growth for our clients. Our past experiences lead the way for future results.


Punch drove $100 million in inside sales revenue for Oracle Consulting in 12 months


Punch drove 10× new users to in six months.


Punch grew Valassis franchise clients in 9 months.

Flexible pricing options

Growth at every stage.

Pricing options to fit your business’s unique needs.

Common questions Answers for your questions

How does Punch find its research?
We actively source the Internet for fresh needs for your product every single day.
What’s the minimum team size we can start with?
We recommend to start with a 5-person team.
I’m based out of the USA, could I also require your services?
Yes. Please drop us a line on our contact page.
I have a special request, could I use your services?
Sure thing, just drop us a line on our contact page.
How much time does it take to start seeing results?
You may see results in the first week, we recommend a 3 month trial to build a pipeline and execute on it.
How do I scale Punch LeadGen?
We can add more resources to the team to help you reach a wider and wider audience every day.