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Arts at Michigan

Helping the University of Michigan keep campus informed on the arts.


The Big House meets the Art House.

The Arts at Michigan keeps the University of Michigan informed and engaged in the arts.

A work of art. Painted in code.

The Arts at Michigan is the primary arts portal for undergraduates at the University of Michigan. Composed of a student-staff, one of the main purposes of the Arts at Michigan is to keep the campus informed of arts events both at the university and in the area of Ann Arbor.

But over the years, the codebase of the Arts of Michigan was in need of help. Legacy programming languges, outdated methods, impenetrable logic, and multiple vendors of event information left the main events calendar completely broken. They needed help quickly.

Punch created an extensible and maintainable rewrite of the events calendar and parser for the Arts at Michigan. What was once a complicated, broken set of code became a moduler and well-documented piece of software: easy to maintina and flexible to handle the changing technological and multi-vendor landscape. Now, arts events would never be lost again.