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Prepared July 12, 2017


Creative Director

As creative director at Punch, I champion our holistic approach to design — customer service, branding, photography, experience, product — as our key process to delighting clients and customers.


We want to thank you for taking the time to do our challenge (we’re pumped about it). It should be a fun way to flex that design muscle you got.

Using our Photoshop or Sketch template as a starting point, your task is to design one view of a penguin viewer app for iPhone.

The app is a way for a user to view information about species of penguins.

Here’s an informal product spec to help get you started:

  • Design only one view of the app.
  • You don’t need to design an app icon.
  • Show at least 4 different locations (clipping and scrolling is allowed).
  • Show a way to add a new location.
  • Show the time in the user’s current location.
  • Show the time in each additional location.
  • Show an indicator (or indicators) of the difference in time in other locations versus my current location (for example, 4 hours ahead).

Other than the above, the design can take any form or shape you feel appropriate. It can be as unorthodox or traditional as you see fit.

We’ll be looking closely at your ability to create beautiful designs that delight people. Typography, color, and hierarchy of information will be a focus of our review. Your goal is to create a compelling, exciting, and well-designed piece a user will love.

(We also love attention to detail and organization, so make sure your layers and layer names are neat and tidy.)

When finished, email back your original file — un-flattened and editable ­— to Punch.

The challenge was designed to take around 2–3 hours to complete; but please take as long (or as little) as you need to complete it to your satisfaction.

Finally, the design you create for the challenge is yours alone. Feel free to share or reuse it.