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React Native interview questions

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What is the difference between React and React Native?
ReactJs is a JavaScript Library used for developing apps in HTML5 using JavaScript as the developing language and React Native is used to develop native mobile apps using JavaScript as the development language.
Is React Native a native Mobile App?
Yes, React Native Compiles a native mobile app using native app components. It’s neither a Hybrid Mobile app that uses WebView to run the HTML5 app or a mobile web app. React Native builds a real mobile app that’s indistinguishable from an app built using Objective-C or Java
Can we use native code alongside react native?
Yes, we can use native code alongside JavaScript to get our tasks done, so the limitations in previous such platforms such as Titanium will be no more.

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Punch offers four divisions of services: design, engineering, staffing, and demand. Our four divisions form the core of our People Forward Approach.

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Do we use the same code base for Android and IOS?
Yes, we use the same code base for Android and IOS and React take cares of the native components translations. For example: A React Native ScrollView uses native UiScrollView on IOS and ScrollView on Android.
Is React Native like other Hybrid Apps which are actually slower than Native mobile apps?
React Native compiles a real mobile and is engineered for high performance, a good example of a high performance app is Facebook IOS app; it uses React Native and IOS users have a pretty good idea of how smoothly the Facebook app works on IOS devices. (Showcase)

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